Peking University Celebrates a Decade of Partnership and Collaboration with BXAI

We are thrilled to share that Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!  Since its inception in 2014, BXAI has supported over 650 scholars through the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP), which provides scholarships for Asian students to study abroad in Asia and creates intercultural opportunities for young aspiring leaders to learn from and engage with one another.

As one of BXAI’s Partner Universities, Peking University shares a similar vision with BXAI, with both institutions striving to provide intercultural learning opportunities to, and promote long-lasting friendships amongst future global leaders.  Peking University is truly honored to have  collaborated with BXAI since 2014, and our vision remains top of mind when we design our curriculum, organize our Enrichment Program activities, and interact with students from different parts of Asia.  Thanks to BXAI’s support over the past 10 years, Peking University has successfully educated many young talents who now serve their communities and contribute to a better, shared society for all.

BXAI was founded on the belief that cross-cultural education is the key to a harmonious world built on mutual understanding, respect, and equality.  Through education programs that empower and inspire scholars in different Asian countries and regions, BXAI seeks to strengthen relationships between the people of Asia, foster partnerships between East Asian academic institutions, and promote peace, regional collaboration, and harmony in Asia and beyond.  As of 2024, BXAI’s network includes eight Partner Universities across five cities in East Asia, namely Hitotsubashi ICS, Kyoto University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and Waseda University.  A total of 10 cohorts of scholars from 25 Asian countries and regions have been supported by the AFLSP.

Both Peking University’s Bai Xian Scholars and AFLSP committee members agree that the opportunity to interact and communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds has been one of their most valuable experiences at Peking University.  Sino-Japanese relations enthusiast and Bai Xian Alumnus from the fourth cohort, Kazuki Miyazaki, recalls how he was empowered by BXAI to pursue his passion of “fostering sustainable peace in Asia.”  According to Kazuki, BXAI enabled him to immerse himself in an environment where he gained rich opportunities to connect with inspiring Asian minds, dive into diverse Asian cultures, and travel around amazing Asian destinations.  Jeesoen Hwang, a South Korean Bai Xian Alumna from the eighth cohort, states that her most memorable activity was the BXAI Summer Program, where she enjoyed making connections with BXAI Scholars from all over Asia and she was able to connect with many fellow Yenching Scholars during the 2022 Summer Program in Tokyo.  Finally, Tokuyu Ko, a Bai Xian Scholar from the 2023 cohort, expresses his appreciation for the wealth of valuable experiences offered by BXAI, from field trips to Changchun to a series of enriching AFLSP lectures.  The most meaningful takeaway, however, is the rich network and the invaluable connections he has made with people, including BXAI Scholars, professors, and staff.

“Education is a long-term investment,” says BXAI CEO, Ms. Ronna Chao.  “As we celebrate 10 years of building bridges across cultures, we look forward to forging ahead in our efforts to develop a new generation of leaders through intercultural exchange and learning, while cultivating a sense of community and mutual understanding amidst a changing global landscape.”

Peking University is very grateful to be a part of the BXAI community and remains committed to working hard alongside BXAI for a better future in Asia and the world.

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