A Tour for Intercultural Dialog | YCA Group Visits NPAC

On December 1, YCA teachers and students visited the China National Archives of Publications and Culture (NAPC), Beijing. Situated at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains in Changping district, the NAPC complex boasts a traditional Chinese courtyard layout featuring pavilions, terraces, and belvederes that harmonize with the surrounding mountains. The architectural design integrates modern functions with traditional structures and natural elements, embodying the NAPC’s commitment to safeguarding China’s cultural treasures for future generations. Led by Dean Dong Qiang and Assistant Dean Zuo Jing, the YCA group received a warm welcome from Sun Yu, Deputy Director of the NAPC.

Deputy Director Sun prepared an insightful guided tour for the YCA visitors, showcasing an impressive collection of over 1,600 publications, classic books, stele rubbings, family histories, ancient currency and stamps, and digital publications. The exhibits were categorized into the following themes: “The Light of Truth: Classic Archives Exhibition of Marxism Localization and Modernization in China” “Inception of Chinese Civilization: Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Publications and Cultural Articles” “Witness to the Great Cause: The Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation Archives Exhibition” “Craftsmanship of Imprints” “Chinese Stamps”, and “The History of Chinese Currency”. This comprehensive presentation illuminated the rich heritage of Chinese history and culture.

The editions of classic works and texts tell about the history and culture of the ancient Chinese civilization, highlighting its continuous development to the present day. As our scholars walked through the exhibitions, they experienced a virtual time travel into the vicissitudes of Chinese history, savoring the beauty of China’s cultural treasures well-preserved at the NAPC.

The visit concluded with a group photo of the teachers and students in front of the NAPC’s landmark building, Wenhan Belvedere.

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