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Editorial: Ekaterina Kaligaeva (Belarus) from the 2022 Cohort of Yenching Academy, Peking University, featured on a CGTN program, sharing her view on bite-sized information in social media. Similarly, Jae Young Lee (South Korea), a Scholar from the 2022 Cohort, sat on another CGTN talk show to discuss northeast Asia exchanges.

Is Social Media’s Bite-sized Content a Blessing or a Curse?

Ekaterina Kaligaeva joined five other panelists in CGTN’s “What’s the Talk” episode on the pros and cons of bite-sized content in social media and the metaverse.

An experienced social media user as she is, Ekaterina argued in favor of social media’s bite-sized content. She stressed that social media is a powerful instant communication tool that offers fast access to information and easy contact with friends when appropriately utilized. Nonetheless, social media can hurt users if they swallow whatever they read online and fail to be critical thinkers.

It was Ekaterina’s first time to sit in a live TV show. The topic involves, in her opinion, every single person of the Z-generation, the most dynamic users of social media. She advocated taking in bite-sized information critically.

Northeast Asia Exchanges: Through the Eyes of the Future Generation

Jae Young Lee spoke at CGTN’s “Dialogue” special show entitled “Northeast Asia Exchanges: Through the Eyes of the Future Generation”, discussing the similarities and differences, social media’s impacts, and the issues of identity in China, Japan, and South Korea.

The conversations with his counterparts in the program helped Jae Young Lee better understand the cultural exchanges between the three Asian countries. The young generation of Asia enjoys what the world in transition has offered them but also needs to join hands for the future of the region. Jae Young hoped to expand his scope of knowledge in his two-year study at Yenching Academy, gaining a fuller understanding of China and the world and integrating what he learns in class with his future career path.

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Is Social Media's Bite-sized Content a Blessing or a Curse?

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