“Yenching Academy“ gains supports from BAI XIAN Education Foundation

Peking University, May 5, 2014: On the eve of PKU's 116th anniversary, BAI XIAN Education Foundation (Hong Kong) signed a donation agreement with PKU, supporting the development of PKU's educational enterprise and the construction of PKU Yenching Academy.

Meanwhile, the foundation also established the "Asian Future Leaders Scholarship", annually selecting and subsidizing 20 Asian fresh graduates from world top universities to join the master program of China Studies.

The donation ceremony was held at Linhuxuan on the afternoon of May 3rd. Executive officers from BAI XIAN made a special trip from Hong Kong to PKU for the event, including the Chairman of BAI XIAN Education Foundation Council and Vice-president of Hong Kong NOVEL Group, Cao Qiyong, Mr. Cao's wife Cao Luobizhen, and Cao Huiting, the CEO of BAI XIAN Asian Studies Institute, as well as Wen Demei, the COO of BAI XIAN Education Foundation.

PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu, President Wang Enge, Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan, Liu Wei and Li Yansong, together with representatives of PKU teachers and students attended the ceremony.

After expressing the sincere welcome and heartfelt gratefulness towards BAI XIAN Foundation, President Wang Enge reviewed the deep friendship between Mr. Cao Qiyong and Peking University, stressing that the project of Yenching Academy would go smoothly with the support of Bai Xian.

The expected PKU Yenching Academy, according to President Wang, would focus on the development of a world top China Studies teaching and research center, endeavoring to foster future leaders of all fields who understand, appreciate and love Chinese culture.

With all the guests' witnessing, Mr. Cao Qiyong, PKU President Wang Enge and PKU Executive Vice President Wu Zhipan signed the donation agreement together.

Because of Mr. Cao's high reputation and full enthusiasm for education, PKU decided to offered him an honorary membership of PKU School Board. Chairman Zhu Shanlu awarded the bronze medal of the honorary member of PKU School Board and souvenirs to Mr. Cao Qiyong, during the ceremony.

Mr. Cao Qiyong, in his speech, recounted his life experience in both China and Japan. He sincerely hoped to cultivate the future elites jointly with PKU, and make contributions to the prosperity and stability of China, Asia and the whole world.

Chairman Zhu said that Mr. Cao Qiyong's donation was a great event during the celebration of PKU's anniversary, which would inspire all the teachers and students of the university.

Zhu wished, with the effort of Mr. Cao, more and more people could take him as a model and give their supports to PKU for the construction of a world-class university.

Written by: Gao Hongfei
Edited by: Li Wenrui
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