Through Our Door | Hua Lü: Head of Security of Yenching Academy

Mr. Hua Lü is the Head of Security at Yenching Academy, and he is always addressed as Captain Lü for his amiability. For more than two years in this position, he has led the team and guarded Jingyuan, be it stormy, rainy, or sunny. Captain Lü once took a brief leave for a week, but he soon returned to Jingyuan for he missed the good old days with his colleagues at Yenching Academy. He was once warmed by a scarf that some student gave him on Christmas Day, which he has been holding dear ever since.

Q:How long have you been working at Jingyuan?

A:Three years. I was appointed as the Head of Security in June 2018, so more than two years in this role. My predecessor’s wife was a postgraduate student in Peking University, so after she graduated and went abroad, he left Jingyuan. That’s basically why I resumed this position.

Q:What is your impression on the first visit to Jingyuan?

A:It was March 11, 2018, right after Spring Festival. Spring had yet to come so Jingyuan was barren and bleak. When I entered the building, however, I felt the artistic vibe. With the seasonal rotation, Jingyuan has become more and more beautiful. For example, in spring, around April or May, I just finished work and saw Jingyuan with cherry flowers in full blossom, while drizzling. I was so amazed by this somehow typical southern China view in Beijing.

Q:Is there any unforgettable story in Jingyuan?

A:Three years ago, on Christmas Day, I was on duty. It was so cold then, and an international student at Yenching Academy gave Christmas gifts to all of the security people and cleaners in Jingyuan, with a scarf and some chocolate in a beautiful box. It was the first time that I received a holiday present since I have been working here for three years. I still keep the scarf and will sometimes wear it.

Some elderly professors will visit here occasionally to recall the good old days. Once a retired professor visited here and told us that he would like to organize an exhibition about Yenching University. I briefly hosted him and was greatly enlightened by his sharing about the history of the Imperial University of Peking, Yenching University, and Peking University. I felt even interested in Jingyuan. So, I would also like to know more about it through this exhibition.

Q:What is your favorite season/hour in Jingyuan?

A:My favorite season is spring when the wisteria, peach flowers, and cherry flowers bloom. Noon is my favorite time in a day. I’m from southern part of China. At noon, me sitting under the tree in the countryside in my hometown, the breeze blows and it’s so cool. Beijing is different. When the wind blows, it’s so dry. So different, but I love it exactly because of the difference.

Q:Do you like this job at Jingyuan?

A:When I accepted the offer, I thought it was just a transition for me. Later, however, after I get along well with the environment, the teachers, and my colleagues, I find it hard to part from this place. I once had a one-week leave from Jingyuan. New environment seemed alien to me, and it lacked a humanistic vibe as Jingyuan does. At night, I traveled back because I missed Jingyuan so much. But during these three years, I just went back home once, and my mother would always ask me about two things through phone: when would I marry and when would I be back. I really want to travel back in Spring Festival, but I couldn't. I’m the Head of Security so I have more responsibilities. My team can go back home during the Chinese New Year, but I must stay here to guard Jingyuan.

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