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Through Our Door, a Yenching Scholar-led multidisciplinary cultural exhibition, will open on May 5, 2021 at Jingyuan Courtyard 4, Peking University. Our exhibition has three parts: Culture · Memories, History · Her/histories, and Art · Conversations. Culture part focuses on the people of Jingyuan, the subjects, and how they interact with the buildings. The exhibition team has interviewed more than 30 professors, staff members, and students, who have close connections with the buildings at Jingyuan. Now, join us to listen to their stories.

Professors and staffs:

◆ Ming Yuan: Dean of Yenching Academy

◆ Xin Luo: Professor of the Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University

◆ Yanjun Shao: Director and Professor of Peking University’s Contemporary Literature Teaching and Research Office

◆ Yunjia Wang: Professor of Department of Chinese Language and Literature

◆ Fan Zhang: Professor of Teaching and Research Section of Ancient History, Former Dean of History Department, Peking University

◆ Lihua Zhang: Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University

◆ Shiming Fan: Associate Dean of Yenching Academy and Associate Professor of the School of International Studies

◆ Changwei Chen: Assistant Dean of Yenching Academy, Associate Professor of the School of International Studies

◆ Jing Zuo: Assistant Dean and Director of Administration of Yenching Academy

◆ Ke Dang: Head of Student Affairs of Yenching Academy

◆ Shui Li: Deputy Head of Administration-Human Resources of Yenching Academy

◆ Fangyu Wang: Head of Public Relations of Yenching Academy


◆ Duanling Fu: 2015 Yenching Scholar

◆ Yiran Meng: 2015 Yenching Scholar

◆ Olivia Bergen (United States): 2016 Yenching Scholar

◆ Dongwoo Kim (South Korea and Canada): 2016 Yenching Scholar

◆ Zhongshu Yang: 2017 Yenching Scholar

◆ Alicia Rodríguez Alabarce (Spain): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Kourosh Houshmand (Canada): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Zoe Jordan (United States): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Hana Lord (United States): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Dhanasree Molugu (India): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Péter Sczigel (Hungary): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Federico Verly (Argentina): 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Dong Wang: 2018 Yenching Scholar

◆ Zexin Chen: 2019 Yenching Scholar

◆ Zuhal Fidan (Turkey): 2019 Yenching Scholar

◆ Zac Marcone (United States): 2019 Yenching Scholar

◆ Paulina Zofia Uznańska (Poland): 2019 Yenching Scholar

◆ Yuan Zeng Ashley Tan (Singapore): 2020 Yenching Scholar


◆ Hua Lü: Head of Security of Yenching Academy

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