A Letter from Dean Yuan Concerning Fighting the Coronavirus (2)

Dear Scholars,

Geetings from the Jingyuan Courtyards!

Spring has come again at Peking University, and the campus puts on a colorful and vibrant new look. Our YCA team has shared a short video and a few pictures through our official social media channels. I hope that you all enjoy it, while staying safe and sound and following the online study programs in all the four corners of the globe.

As the Covid-19 is now spreading to many different countries around the world, people and governments are taking actions to fight against the virus. This is a critical time that calls for our courage, intelligence and sense of solidarity for all of the human race. The Yenching Academy of Peking University encourages all scholars to be fully engaged in local efforts against the virus and join this good fight for humanity in your own ways. But, again, please take good care of yourselves in the first place, remember to wash your hands, and practice social distancing when necessary. We still would like to advise that scholars refrain from traveling and keep close communications with your Banzhuren. If you happen to experience any of the Covid-19-like symptoms, keep calm and seek medical assistance immediately. I want to see that all of you return to campus in good health.

As the coronavirus is going global, the Chinese counter-measures shift from containing the spread of domestic infections to reducing the number of cases from abroad. Understandably, this incurs some uncertainties and complications to the university’s plan to re-open our campus. As of now, we have received no new information about when students could return to their dorms and classrooms on campus, but we will closely monitor the situation and keep all of our scholars fully informed about any future developments. If you have any problem with the online courses and with your work on your dissertation, please feel free to contact the YCA staff and your supervisors and we will be here to help.

In its long tenure on this planet, the human race has confronted a long train of crises and challenges, from both natural and man-made causes, but it has weathered through all of them. We are strong enough to overcome this crisis, too, particularly if we stand together in one, united endeavor. If a virus knows no borders, so does love. I believe that love and wisdom will guide us all safely through our present challenges.

Again, my best regards to you and your family!

Yours sincerely,

Yuan Ming

Professor and Dean,

Yenching Academy, Peking University

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