Yenching Academy Ambassador Speaker Series: Max Baucus, Ambassador of the United

On 5 January 2016, the Honorable Max Baucus, Ambassador of the United States of America to the People's Republic of China attended the 3rd Ambassador Speaker Series at Yenching Academy of Peking University. Ms. Nancy Chen, Education Officer at the USA Embassy in Beijing also attended the event.


Ambassador Baucus was greeted by Associate Dean John Holden, Professor Jiang Guohua, and Joe Mazur, student from Montana, before meeting with scholars at Yenching Academy. The Ambassador began by remarking that there has been so much change in US-China relationship in today's world. We are not simply watching world history, but we are participating in this change. Ambassador Baucus stated that US-China relationship works best as both parties build on trust and understanding to find solutions to mutual concerns.


Ambassador Baucus shared with students what he noticed in his diplomatic experience. Despite differences in ways of thinking and communication, Americans and Chinese have the same hopes and aspirations for decent income, ability to take care of family, education for children, health care, and the pursuit of a dream.



Ambassador Baucus urged all students to take advantage of being abroad. The world is more interconnected and dependent on each other than ever before. And he reminded international Yenching Scholars to be active during the time here in China, to work things out, to try eating dumplings, taking the subway, and learning to deal with people by carrying the right attitude and showing a sense of care.

He closed his visit by leaving students with these few words:"Work at what you want to happen." Scholars responded very positively to the Ambassador's remarks and created a Wechat group with Ambassador Baucus.


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