Professor Lyu Zhi Lecture: Diversity of Value and Conservation of Nature


Professor Lyu Zhi will be lecturing on June 1 as part of the Yenching Academy of Peking University’s China Studies Lecture Series. Professor Lyu is a Professor of Conservation Biology at School of Life Sciences of Peking University. This lecture is sponsored by the Yenching Academy of Peking University, and is open to the entire university community. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Theme: Diversity of Value and Conservation of Nature

Time: Wednesday June 1, 2016, 19:00 – 21:00

Location: Peking University, Second Gymnasium Room B101

Language: English

Abstract: Professor Lyu Zhi will share her experiences of attitude change after working with communities from different cultural backgrounds, and reflect on the role of traditional cultures in nature conservation.

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Dr. Lyu Zhi, Professor of Conservation Biology, Peking University; Executive Director of Center for Nature and Society, Peking Uinversity; Member of the Standing Committee of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST); Vice President of China Women’s Association for Science and Technology (CWAST) and Founder of Shan Shui Conservation Center.

Professor Lyu is a leading conservation biologist in China whose research covers multiple-disciplinary fields and deals with the complex sustainability issues for the Chinese society as well as promoting China’s positive influence toward the world. The field projects she leads include the ecosystem services of forests and grasslands, and natural history and conservation strategies of endangered species such as the giant panda, the snow leopard, the Przewalski’s gazelle and the Tibetan brown bear.

In recent years, she focused on studying and practicing the mechanism of community-led conservation in western China. In particular, she initiated various experiments testing conservation tools based on economic incentives (such as carbon sequestration), cultural value (such as sacred mountain protection) and policy improvements (such as payment for ecosystem services) that may benefit local people from their conservation efforts. She is a key figure involved in conservation policy making at regional and national levels, and an active member of international conservation discussions.

Professor Lyu received her education at Peking University from 1981 (undergraduate, Biology) through 1991 (PhD, Animal Ecology). During this time she conducted a comprehensive research on the giant panda ecology and conservation in Qinling. Then she spent three years in the United States for a postdoc research at National Institutes of Health on conservation genetics (1992-1995). Later she took a fellowship at Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies (2000-2001), and taught at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as a visiting professor (2001-2002).

To register for this lecture, please click here. (Note: the registration is on first-come first-serve basis; live video will be provided in Second Gymnasium Room B102 if seats are full.)

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