Yenching Scholars’ Field Study in Zhejiang Province

On Wednesday January 9, 2019, Yenching Academy embarked on a 6-day-long field study to the eastern China's Zhejiang Province. This trip was led by distinguished professor of Yenching Academy He Yafei, former deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Chen Changwei, Assistant Dean of Yenching Academy.


This field trip in Zhejiang provided a great opportunity for the scholars to experience the current situation and future trends of development of China's technology and businesses, and also to experience Chinese culture in one of the most culturally rich and affluent provinces in the country.


On the 1st day of their field study, the scholars visited the G20 Hangzhou Summit venue. While sharing their perspectives on global economics and landscapes, the scholars were impressed by the combination of oriental elements and modern facilities.



On the 2nd day, the scholars headed to see the Wensli Silk Culture Co., LTD, where they experienced both the traditional heritage as passed down by a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs and the silk culture that has captured the world's attention in this new era. Later on, scholars went to the Group to learn about China's technology and business development. In the afternoon, the scholars visited the more than 1,600-year-old Lingyin Temple.



On January 11, the scholars went to the city of Yiwu, which is known as the world's largest wholesale market for daily commodities. From this visit, the scholars gained a better understanding about China's fast-paced growth in international trade.

On the fourth day, Yenching Scholars explored the Straw Museum of Yiwu Soton Necessities, the Huahong Holding Group, and the STO Express logistics to learn more about successful business stories in China.

The scholars also visited the Jimingshan Community, a community with a growing foreign population. Here at this open community, foreigners are provided with language courses and multiple other services that help them adapt to the new environment and more smoothly conduct their businesses in Zhejiang.

On January 13, Yenching scholars toured the Wenzhou Vision Technology (VR) Group where they got hands-on experience in virtual reality technology.


January 14 marked the last day of the field study when Yenching Scholars visited the Zhejiang Semir Garment Company and Ouhai Life and Health Town.



They also attended a joint class at the Wenzhou Business College. Professor He Yafei said that the entrepreneurial spirit embodied by the Wenzhou people is worthy of learning for everyone, as the elements contributing to their business success awaits further exploration. This field study helps the Scholars gain a more holistic understanding of China and unique stories of which they can share in the future. 


Have a deeper understanding of Zhengjiang's culture and business development. Yenching Scholars will be able to apply what they experienced firsthand in this fruitful trip to their multidisciplinary China studies.

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