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The Club Fair of Yenching Academy was organized on 21st September 2018 at Erti lobby. A total of 26 clubs presented their mission, activities and plan for this year.The best club of 2017-18 voted by the students at the end of last year was YCA Museum Lovers and many new clubs were added this year such as Yenching Swimmers, Yenching Ping Pongs and Yenching Tech VC club. The club fair was MCed by Supral Raj Joshi and Sun Anli.


Starting with the best club of last year, YCA Museum Lovers kicked off their first visit to Museum of Ethnic Cultures with a number of students to learn more about different Chinese ethnic groups and their cultures.


Appreciating Chinese culture will not be complete without enjoying the Chinese tea. TheChadao Society members have gathered together to practice the art of pouring tea, to discuss their individual tea histories and what they hope to learn about tea in the future.


Multi-talented scholars of YCA leading the Music at YCA club had performed at various occasions at YCA events such as Mid-Autumn Festival and YCA Club fair. They had also held a jam session on Shaoyuan 6 floor and is currently in talks with Dean Moser to give a talk on music topic. 


One of the new clubs starting this year is 我们 Society and it had organized screenings of 4 documentaries and held 2 book club meetings during this month.


YCA Artists also held 3 sessions during October, especially during the Golden Week holidays for members who remained on campus. They have practiced Chinese calligraphy and also painting in general.


The Yenching Salwomen have been practicing twice a week, and currently have a 4-0 record in the 新生杯!The current players registered for this semester for 新生杯 are Emily Vincent, Lulu Zhang, Jenny Ng, Carlisle Micallef, Hannah Kirk, Jen Liu, Tobi Du, and Julia Saubier. Many scholars are registered to play next semester and currently training for the matches. The men’s team is also actively practicing to keep up the last year’s winning energy.



To maintain a balance of body and mind, Yoga and Wellness Club – the Yenching Yogis have been practicing on average 3 times a week in the morning at Shaoyuan 6 floor.


The Yenching Ping Pong Club have on average no less than 2 games every week. Some of the players took part in PKU Freshmen Cup on Oct.27 and had good performances!


The Yenching Consulting Club had case interview presentation sessions led by Chairpersons Bernice So and Kennedy Ekezie. It also had a live case interview session by Yenching scholars Gabriel Lerner and Daniel Benson who have been previously employed by Bain and FTI Consulting. Our event has attracted members from the Peking Consulting Association and we are currently in talks with partners at PwC and Deloitte to host a case workshop for YCC members.


EcoLogical Society members: Tobi Du, Lisa Laeven, Carl Hooks, and Veronika participated in the Beijing Cleantech Hackathon where they won the second place in a challenge concerning the reduction of food delivery waste on campuses and beyond. 


Poetry Club plans to organize two events every month reading poems from different languages and explaining the meaning of the poems. The last meeting's theme “Longing” gathered 8 different language poems under the theme.


The infamous YCA Dance Club has been practicing “Garba dance”– adance from Western India which is performed during the Dussehra festival, lead by the Indian scholars.


On Sunday afternoon of October 21st, the Yensu Impact Advisors visited the Dandelion Middle School to meet the students and discuss with the Principal how scholars can support the school.


The Boardgame Club members gathered together to stay smart and relax at the same time by playing different boardgames.


Behavioral Data Lab is organizing series of meeting to discuss the topic related projects. In October, a group of scholars met to discuss their preliminary project ideas. The discussion produced an impressive quantity and quality of potential research ventures spanning topics as broad as the network effects of internal migration, to the impact of city design on traffic flow, OFO usage and life style, to the behavioural impact of environmental or credit score policies. Besides from topic areas, methodologies from a “data scientist” tool box were discussed and demand-driven tutorials proposed for future sessions. The next meeting plans to finalize the structure of the publication and to solidify a promising research avenue for the lab to work on as a whole.


YCA Chinese Language & Culture Society (YCA CLC Society) organized screening Chinese movies in order to improve Chinese language. The club had screened Mountain Cry and I am not Madame Bovary, and afterwards discussions were followed.


Yenching Tech VC Club had successfully organized Guest speakers event on the topic of “Introduction to China's VC/Tech Ecosystem” by Sally Kouk who is an investor of China Growth Capital.


In the month of October, the Yenching Podcast Club began scripting content and conducted interviews at various schools around Beijing.  


The women's and men's football teams (Yenching Cougarz and Yenching Tigers) will be starting their training soon in a few weeks to prepare for the matches for this semester and currently recruiting the members.


In the mist of the various activities of the start of the semester, the Yenching Review is collecting stories and meeting among the members to discuss the concept of this semester.


In October, Yenching Swimmers organized a few activities in the gym. By physical training, club members have enhanced their physical fitness, laying the foundation for the subsequent swimming training.


It does not come as a surprise that our scholars not only excel at studies but also enthusiastic in organizing and participating in the various activities. As the diverse clubs create opportunities for all scholars to explore their hobbies, to interact and meet more people and form better friendships, student initiative clubs are one of the platforms of diversity and opportunities YCA provided. 

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