YCA Walk-off Challenge

In an epic“10-Day Walk-Off Challenge”, scholars from both Yenching Academy of Peking University and Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University, participated in a charity competition with the office staff of Yenching Academy, and successfully fundraised a total of 4000 RMB towards helping the Yensu Impact Advisors (a student service organization) support the Dandelion Middle School, a school for migrant children located Beijing. During the 10 day challenge, scholars were paired off with an office staff member to see who could obtain a higher step count, as recorded by an app. For the person with the higher step count for the day, their competitor had to contribute 20 RMB towards the charity fund, which after 10 days, could amount to a total of 200 RMB.


With over 13 teams participating, a healthy dose of competition was cultivated as competitors amassed impressive step counts, some of up to 25,000 to 30,000 steps. Some participants would recall obsessively carrying their phones, while others found ways to take long-detours to and from work or go on long-distance runs, so as to increase their step count. Besides its competitive nature, the 10-day challenge brought both scholars and Yenching officers closer together, as each side became well acquainted with the other’s daily walking habits. At the finale, this 10-day challenge culminated in a final showdown that ended this past Friday, November 2nd. During the showdown, scholars and officers were challenged to accomplish random tasks like bunny hopping, jump roping, chili eating etc. all which raised more charity funds towards supporting the Dandelion Middle School.

Having successfully raised funds, the Yensu Impact Advisors can now pay for buses to bring migrant students from Dandelion Middle School to visit and tour the campuses at Peking and Tsinghua Universities later next spring semester. Besides these activities, the Yensu Impact Advisors are looking forward to using the funds to organize other volunteer activities so that Yenching and Schwarzman scholars can engage further and more personally with the Dandelion students. The successful outcome of this challenge comes to show that sometimes a healthy dose of competition can enable us to achieve new distances, both literally and for a good cause.




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