Lecture | How to Research the Internet Governance in China

Lecture Information:

Speaker: Peng Bo (彭波)

Host: Fan Shiming (范士明)

Theme: How to Research the Internet Governance in China

Date: November 20 (Wednesday), 2019


Location: Room B101, Second Gymnasium, Peking University

Language: Chinese


Internet governance is an important issue that many scholars and students pay close attention to. But there are many misunderstandings and blind areas in the research of Internet governance in China for a long time. Professor Peng Bo believes that the analysis of China's Internet governance must be based on the two dimensions: "the depth of history" and "the overall situation of the times". He often mentioned that many problems on the Internet are caused by technological factors and can be solved through technological progress. Many problems on the Internet are phased and can be solved automatically in the new stage of development. The problem of the Internet can be solved by the way of the Internet. Internet governance in China is rooted in Chinese history and reality. To research Internet governance in China, we must combine the international perspective and Chinese perspective. We should research the Internet in the way of the Internet. This lecture will show a wealth of cases and focus on the attitude, concept, foundation, stage, social function, technical characteristics and netizens' characteristics of Internet governance.


Professor Peng Bo is a participant, witness and one of the main principals in the whole process of Internet development and Internet governance in China. He participated in the formulation of almost all policies and regulations in China's Internet, including new media. At the same time, he has been in charge of government’s guidance of network public opinion in China for a long time. He has also made remarkable achievements in both traditional and new media operations. From September 2012 to August 2015, he served as deputy director of the Cyberspace Administration of China. Since September 2018, he has been a chair professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University. Professor Peng has a profound understanding of the Internet, new media, digital technology and digital economy. At present, he is engaged in the research of the Internet digital divide in China, the reform of Internet communication mode and governance countermeasures in 5G era, government network public opinion guidance and social governance in the digital society.

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