Yenching Academy of Peking University Organizes International Organization and Global Governance Lecture

On the evening of November 2, 2021, Ms. Marzia Mongiorgi, Head of Economics and Strategy Unit, PRC Resident Mission at Asian Development Bank (ADB), visited Yenching Academy and gave a speech themed “China’s Sustainable and Inclusive Development: Challenges and Opportunities.” Ms. Mongiorgi introduced the main work and operation mechanism of the Asian Development Bank to the students and had in-depth exchanges with them. Students gained a deeper understanding of China’s opportunities and challenges in the global governance framework through this activity. This lecture was hosted both online and offline.

Before the lecture started, Fan Shiming, Associate Dean of Yenching Academy, met with the ADB guests in Jingyuan Courtyard 3. They exchanged views on the main responsibilities of the ADB China Representative Office, and the career development of Yenching Academy’s graduates.

During the lecture, Ms. Mongiorgi talked about China's development context, its 14th Five-Year Plan, and introduced China’s main challenges and opportunities in attaining its development goals. Likewise, she discussed the ADB’s commitment to the economic and social development of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region against the background of globalization.

She highlighted several development projects in which the ADB collaborated with the Chinese government, focusing on poverty reduction, gender equality, environmental protection, biodiversity, and carbon neutrality, among others. In addition, Ms. Mongiorgi talked about her career in the development space and shared some personal experiences working in international organizations with the students.

After the lecture, Ms. Mongiorgi invited questions from the students for the Q&A session. A student asked about the specific nature of the relationship between ADB and the Chinese government in pushing projects forward. Ms. Mongiorgi explained that the ADB China Representative Office had supported the implementation of projects in diverse fields, including energy, environmental protection, education, and health, mainly through policy dialogue and its four forms of development assistance such as loans, equity investment, technical assistance and grant, and joint financing.

A question was raised concerning the differences and similarities between ADB and AIIB. Ms. Mongiorgi remarked that both multilateral development banks play important and constructive roles in multilateral global governance despite their differences in objectives, investment fields, and management systems.

Finally, students inquired how to find internships and jobs in an international organization like the ADB. Ms. Mongiorgi advised the students to explore the available opportunities, use different resources, hone their skills, tap into their network, and take bold steps like researching openings and sending applications.

The Yenching Academy of Peking University and Peking University International Organization Talent Office jointly hosted the event to promote students’ understanding of the mechanism of international organizations and their willingness to participate in global governance in the future.

Written by Zhao Qing

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